Ottawa’s Most Convenient iPad Repair Service

Apple notoriously offers little support for broken or cracked iPad screens, and given the amount of children using them seeing a cracked or smashed screen is quite normal. We stock high quality replacement LCD digitizers for everything from the iPad 2 to the new iPad Air 2.

How It Works

  • Book Your Repair Online (And Get $10 Off ;))

    Use the form below to book your iPad screen repair. We'll need the colour of the bezel, your model and your contact info.

  • We Pick Up Your Device

    Our techs pickup your iPad from where ever is convenient - home, office, Tim Hortons. Whatever works within the City of Ottawa, we can be there.

  • We Drop Your Device Off Fixed

    Most repairs take a few hours, but we'll drop of your device fixed and ready to go.

What’s the turnaround time for a cracked iPad repair?

We know everyone wants their iPad back as soon as possible, however the process for repairing the cracked front glass does take a bit longer than an iPhone, but we can generally get it done within 24 hours. If you need it done sooner, we may be able to expedite the service if you get it into our shop sooner.

Can you fix other iPad issues such as charging ports?

If you are having battery, charging ports, or even WiFi problems they certainly can be fixed, but again, it is not as simple as it is with the iPhone 5 or 6. In order to access the logic board and replace these components the front LCD and glass has to be removed and in most cases this causes the glass to be broken. For that reason the cost of fixing internal components includes the cost screen replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

iPad screen and glass repair has become a service in huge demand due to the lack of support from Apple. Even if you’ve invested in the Apple Care extended warranty which is available at your nearest retail location, it does not offer the expedited service, nor does it cover older devices like the iPad 3 or first generation Mini. Due to this discrepancy, many Apple users in Ottawa have decided to source their repair needs from local PC and cell phone shops who can provide quality repairs with proper components. Apple doesn’t officially sanction any of these repairs and the market for digitizer LCD replacements is competitive in terms of pricing and quality. We’d recommend vetting the repair shops you take your tablet to. Lower quality components don’t last long as better ones and you might find yourself with another cracked screen sooner than you might want.

In terms of cost you are looking at $150+ depending on your exact model, however the main cost is labor for the Ottawa repair shops. Actually replacing the screen properly takes over an hour and specialized knowledge, especially when compared to replacing an iPhone battery. The adhesive used to keep the LCD digitizer attached to the glass overlay does need a few hours to take and cheaper screens will come up off the base and this can become problematic.